Episode 1.7: Q-less

This is the one and only Q episode of DS9.  It is also in my Least Enjoyed Episodes.  I don’t find it clever, nor witty, nor deep.  Q spends most of his time taunting Vash, a character we’ll never see again, and he barely interacts with the DS9 crew.  This is an entirely forgettable episode designed clearly to obtain crossover viewership from TNG.  They make O’Brien, the crewmember from the Enterprise, the link that draws the DS9 crew’s attention toward Q.  References to TNG abound.  Even the final solution to the station’s crisis is a direct ripoff of TNG’s pilot, which also featured Q (Ep 1.1).  Or homage, if one is being generous.  Q is an excellent villain in TNG, and he flat-out doesn’t work for DS9.  He’s too childish to bring any meaningful conflict to the station.  At best, I have a few random comments about character personalities that are revealed here.

Q’s interaction with Sisko tells us that Sisko is driven much more by passion than Picard is.  Sisko is direct, which makes him less diplomatic, but that can have it’s advantages in the face of the constant deception Sisko sees from the Cardassians.  Yet again, we see more of Quark & Odo’s love/hate relationship.  I hadn’t realized how much of it is shown in these early episodes.  They spar a bit, but since no law is being broken, they sit down to a cordial conversation.  Their clash of ideals mirrors their clash of criminal vs cop.  Odo advocates the long-term futility of greed and the acquisition of material wealth.  Quark advocates the attainable comfortable lifestyle.  I would call this a point for Quark as he almost, almost convinces Odo of the value of a fancy bucket.

I have to spend a paragraph on Julian Bashir, my favorite character.  He isn’t shy around the ladies, and he seems to advocate the “Shotgun Approach” to dating.  In one episode, we see him hitting on two separate ladies.  Julian clearly wants to be a hero.  He weaves a good story, but any way you slice it, test taking is not heroic.  Dramatic buildup, narrow escape, success in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.  The guy wants to be a champion, but he just isn’t there yet; he wants adventure and excitement; he wants his path in life to mean something bigger than himself.  He won’t lie though.  He says he’s salutation, despite it being anti-climactic.  The preganglionic fiber/postgangliotic nerve thing will become one of Julian’s quirks as well.  O’Brien’s eye-roll tells more than words ever will about what O’Brien thinks.  Miles only sees Julian’s youth; he doesn’t yet see Julian’s passion.  Julian also already treats O’Brien as a confidant, even as Miles internally mocks what he sees in Julian.

Random Thoughts: 1) More Morn!  2) Quark gets tipped off by the assay office assistant.  3) Never mix oo-mox and finances.


~ by Joshua Black on July 23, 2012.

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