Episode 1.9: The Passenger

This is without question the single worst episode in whole series.  The story is mediocre.  The acting is bad from my favorite character.  There are two points I want to discuss here, then hopefully we can leave this piece safely behind.  First, there is significant change in Bashir’s attitude from his conversation with Kira in the runabout to his comments at the end of the episode.  Julian desperately needed some humility in his life.  Julian’s self-image, while idealistic, was also superior.  He’s a good doctor; he doesn’t need to flaunt it.  But to survive this conflict, he must depend entirely on others.  At times, learning our faults is rather unpleasant.  His humiliation at the end stems from his perceived weakness, but it will lead to a healthy humility.

Secondly, Odo’s relationship with Starfleet security begins to heat up.  Odo sees the outsiders as interference, not help.  Odo both knows the law and sees justice clearly, and he doesn’t need anyone looking over his shoulder.  The authority firmly rests with Odo, but the collaboration is fruitful as Primmin finds a crucial vulnerability to Odo’s plan.  Odo is a very solitary figure, and he begins the series as an island independent of the main.  But as John Donne once said, this is impossible.  We all have the necessity and the need to work with others.  Odo’s central journey is finding his place in the world:  His search for his people, his relationship with Kira, his cooperating with Starfleet security.

Random Thoughts: 1) Quark missteps here.  Odo is very lonely, and does appreciate all Quark claims is good.  2) Once again, O’Brien is absent.


~ by Joshua Black on July 29, 2012.

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