Episode 1.10: Move Along Home

For a Season 1 episode, I greatly enjoy this one.  It’s one of the many first contact episodes, and it pits the crew against a peril on two separate levels.  The physical level that Sisko, Kira, Bashir, and Dax face, and the meta level that Quark and Odo face.  I don’t find any deep symbolism or meta-narrative here.  It’s a clever conflict where more of the crew’s personalities are seen.  Four of the crew are trapped within a game developed by the alien race, the Wadi, and which is being played by Quark.  Outside the game, Quark initially doesn’t know that the players he’s controlling are representative of the real crew.  As the game progresses and once Odo becomes involved, Quark realizes the peril the crew is potentially in.  But even then, a war is waged between Quark’s greed and his cowardice.  Odo’s presence forces him into more cowardly decisions, but the greed is too strong.  The final decision leads Quark to try for the riskier path.  Both his logic and his credentials as a gambler are sound.  Sometimes, the riskier path is the correct choice to make in life.  So a priori, I would have to agree with Quark’s decision.  It relies a bit on luck though, and Quark doesn’t have it this time.  Once the chance for profit is lost, Quark breaks (quite pathetically) and he shows his true colors.  He begs forgiveness from the Wadi.  I don’t think the Wadi ever intended to punish Quark.  I think they simply wanted an honest game.  It was Quark who let his conscience eat at him.

Inside the game, the crew has to work their way through each shap.  The three Federation types react very calmly to the situation, attempting to assess the peril.  That’s what they signed up for.  Kira, on the other hand, claims she’s only an administrator.  Pish, I say.  She’s a fighter and a restless one at that.  She’s more uncomfortable with there being no enemy to set her sights on than she is with the “outside my job description” argument she claims.  This is a small step on her path to working for the good of Bajor outside of the Resistance.  Bashir is misunderstood rather spectacularly.  He shows intrigue at the situation, which Kira interprets as a childish response.  But truly, Bashir is seriously invested.  He is simply passionately throwing himself into the intrigue of the problem with a deep curiosity; she sees this as dismissive to the peril to the individuals.  Lastly, Sisko makes the wrong call about Dax.  Again, a priori, it’s hard to gauge, but in the end, Sisko’s decision to keep her is what “kills” the rest of them.

Overall, it’s a fun episode.  Some character development and a neat conflict.  Great mid-season episode.

Random Thoughts: 1) O’Brien is again absent.  I’m not sure why.  Doesn’t seem to be plot reasons, so it must have been actor/studio reasons.  2) Morn again!  And next episode…  3) Sisko tangles more with Nog’s influence on Jake.  It’s a setup for the next episode.  4) I don’t know what Bashir is talking about.  Guessing is totally part of the Scientific Method. 5) Quark is outside Sisko’s direct influence (“Take the drink, Quark.” “No, thank you.”), which I think is a great dynamic for the show.


~ by Joshua Black on July 31, 2012.

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