Episode 2.8: Necessary Evil

The beautiful subtlety of this story is that it is completely about Odo and Kira’s friendship and budding romance.  Think about how deeply contemplative Odo is regarding this case.  This isn’t just an unresolved case that has him lost in the past.  He is questioning Kira’s innocence and questioning the trust that was established between them since that first meeting.  In the beginning, Kira and Odo were miles apart.  Odo truly saw himself as a neutral party to the Occupation, and I think we’ll see he was able to tread that path successfully.  Odo was vocally critical of the Occupation, yet he would willingly turn in any Bajoran who acted unjustly.  Kira strove to lessen the suffering of her people by any means necessary, evil or otherwise.  Kira sees the situation as one of loyalty: “Whose side are you on?”  Odo refuses to see it that way; his goal is to discern the just path to follow.  Justice may not be blind, but it can be a murky path to discern.  When Odo realizes that Kira lied to him so effectively, he feels betrayed.  The moment of profound honesty they have at the end is very edifying to their romance.  Trust requires vulnerability, and Kira is left exposed and vulnerable to Odo.  She doesn’t fear any legal repercussions.  She fears Odo will think less of her because she lied to him (followed by lies of omission through the years).  Will he forgive the betrayal or not?  The question is answered through the years as we see them continue to interact.  Definitely a good story, and it’s one of my favorite Season 2 episodes.

The film noir feel is quite appropriate as a setting for an origin story for Odo the detective.  We get a glimpse into how he became constable, and why Dukat chose him for that role.  This story, while it is primarily Odo’s, tells how all 4 central Occupation Era characters met.  Odo meets Kira, Quark, and Dukat.  Kira & Dukat and Kira & Quark also meet for the first time.  Only Dukat and Quark seem to have a relationship from before this time.  Quark and Odo’s first conversation is illustrative of their future sparring; before even revealing his name, Quark is evading Odo’s questions.  I like Dukat’s character in the Occupation Era.  He is a dominant villain displaying his own version of compassion towards the Bajorans; he hires an independent lawman instead of killing 10 random Bajorans.  Dukat and Odo are very similar in one respect: they both believe a strong rule of law is necessary for a well-functioning society.  Where they differ is in the source of the rule of law.  In Odo’s case, this is justice; in Dukat’s case, it is dominance.

Random Thoughts:  1) Quark can be quite the petty criminal at times.  Petty larceny for 5 bars of latinum!  2) I enjoyed the good cop/bad cop scene with Sisko.  Rom folds like a taco.  3) Rule of Acquisition #139!  4) I’d like to actually see the Cardassian Neck Trick sometime.  4) As I’ve mentioned before, the Occupation has strong World War II overtones.  It’s a mix of the Holocaust (the labor camps) and the French underground resistance.  5) Odo performs a classic Columbo move.  As he leaves Mrs. Vaatrick’s home, he turns with “just one more thing.”  6) Sisko and Dax insinuate that Odo has lost his best friend.  Quark!  Luckily, them Ferengi are so difficult to kill.


~ by Joshua Black on April 11, 2016.

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