Episode 2.9: Second Sight

Stories are more or less universal regardless of the genre they are told in.  The story of Sisko feeling lonely on the anniversary of his wife’s death is quite universal.  Unfortunately, I didn’t feel like the central story of Sisko and Fenna was pulled off very well.  Fenna and Sisko didn’t have good chemistry, and the sci-fi twist they gave to the story felt a bit contrived.  The ending line was unpleasantly cheesy too, “She was just like you.”  Seyetik was enjoyable in his bombastic way.  I actually felt like the path he chose, to die during the culmination of his greatest creation, was believable.  He had nothing else to live for, and his marriages were shams.  He had no idea how to serve others.  “Let there be light,” was also a cheesy line, but a fitting one.

However, I really did enjoy the “everyday life on the station” feel the episode had.  Sisko’s loneliness is a catalyst for the rest of the community.  The station really pops in this episode as a character in the show.  When Sisko first meets Fenna, the station provides a peaceful setting.  I got a strong sense of stillness.  Dawn.  Home.  In his loneliness, Sisko was comforted by the station.  Jake is clearly growing up.  Even though he talks about boyish topics (puke at school), he knows why his father is distracted.  Jake is starting to transition to a place where he gives advice to his father, usually after conversations with Nog.  These sorts of interactions (where he talks with Nog and his father separately) are at the core of Jake’s development into a man.  Dax found the situation more fun and intriguing.  I love her line, “It’s hard to talk man-to-man with a woman!”  That’s totally a manipulative move to hear some gossip!  Finally, Odo and Quark help, but in totally opposite ways.  Odo tries a pragmatic route, attempting to help find the woman.  Quark just wants to talk with Sisko, to be a good barman with a listening ear.  I felt like the station and Quark really added finishing touches to the “everyday life” feel.

Random Thoughts:  1) I’m tentatively putting this episode on the Least Enjoyed Episodes list because I really wasn’t impressed.  I did like the everyday life feel, but the central story was lacking.  2) Again, some excellent guest actors for this episode.  Seyetik was played by Richard Kiley, winner of 2 Tonys and 3 Emmys.  3) Fenna was played by Salli Richardson.  I didn’t like her performance here, but it was the beginning of her career.  She goes on to play Allison Blake in Eureka, and she was in I Am Legend.  4) Avery Brooks harbored a real fatherly feeling toward Cirroc Lofton.  In the commentaries, Brooks says the main reason he stayed for 7 years with DS9 was to be a set father to Cirroc.  5) More old west sentiments with Odo’s briefing about a criminal.  6) Fall of Kang.  Klingon poetry is the best.


~ by Joshua Black on April 17, 2016.

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