Interlude: Starting to Watch

As I’ve mentioned in the last post, I didn’t start watching DS9 until somewhere in the middle of Season 2, though the exact episode eludes my memory.  That means I picked it up before high school, in early ’94.  We had just moved to a new town in the middle of the school year, and I was totally friendless.  My dad was a TOS fan, so when I saw on the TV Guide that a “Star Trek” was on, I had to watch it.  Even with good moments in the first season, I still feel like Season 1 is a bit rough; this is not uncommon to Star Trek or even TV in general.  Every good show needs time to find its legs.  But I am sorta sad I missed the chance to start at the beginning.  Watching most other TV shows, I’m a purist, meaning I would prefer to start at the beginning and enjoy the full, grand narrative of the show.  That sort of thing just clicks better with me; one where I start in the middle and have to catch up on the character relationships leaves me feeling disconnected.  Within the rest of that school year and over the summer, I was able to catch up on all the reruns; Emissary (Ep. 1.1 and 1.2) just blew my mind.

This purist attitude is obviously at odds with how I experienced DS9 the first time.  I ultimately got to that purist state with the second run-through, and that made it extremely enjoyable.  Seeing relationships (particularly Bashir/O’Brien and Odo/Quark) being built up over the course of many episodes was fantastic.  I’m wondering if this experience is where I formed the purist attitude.  So was it better to miss the beginning so I could thoroughly enjoy the second run-through and have the formative moment, or was it better to have been there at the beginning?  I don’t think there’s a right answer to this one.  However I can say that I loved how I was introduced to DS9.  It gave a lonely kid something to look forward to that gave him this beautiful vision of the future.  That transition (and my subsequent time in high school) was not a very fun time in my life; I’ll just leave it at that.  I needed something grand and romantic.  In DS9, idealism can triumph!

Random Thoughts:  1) The purpose of an interlude is to step away from my analysis of any given episode and discuss a broader topic that has inspired me.  I’m wondering if these will become more common now that I have a good amount of show watched.  If the purpose of the blog is to translate my own thoughts about DS9, I think I’ll need a mechanism to discuss inter-episode topics that coalesce into something more than just a Random Thought.  2) Dad never joined me for DS9.  I don’t blame him; it wasn’t his nostalgia.  But I did get an awesome understanding of Roddenberry’s vision because of him!  He loved talking about Kirk and Uhura’s interracial kiss.


~ by Joshua Black on June 15, 2016.

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