Interlude: Multi-Series Characters

I was intrigued by the bit of trivia about Michael Ansara from the last episode, Blood Oath (Ep. 2.19).  His character, the Klingon Kang, is one of only 7 characters to appear in 3 of the 5 live-action Star Trek series to date (at the time of this writing, Star Trek: Discovery is announced but yet to air).  So I wanted to do a quick interlude on these characters.  First is Kang, portrayed by Michael Ansara.  He appeared in TOS Day of the Dove (Ep. 3.7), DS9 Blood Oath (Ep. 2.19), and VOY Flashback (Ep. 3.2).

Will Riker, portrayed by Jonathan Frakes, obviously appeared in all of TNG.  Will Riker appeared in VOY Death Wish (Ep. 2.18) and ENT These Are The Voyages… (Ep. 4.22).  And Jonathan Frakes was Tom Riker in DS9 Defiant (Ep. 3.9).  So Jonathan Frakes appeared in 4 of 5 Star Trek series; or even more randomly, the genetic makeup of Will Riker has appeared in 4 of 5 Star Trek series.

Deanna Troi, portrayed by Marina Sirtis, appeared in all of TNG.  She was in VOY Pathfinder (Ep. 6.10), Life Line (Ep. 6.24), and Inside Man (Ep. 7.6).  Like Riker, she was also in ENT These Are The Voyages… (Ep. 4.22).

Of course, Q, portrayed by John de Lancie.  He was in several TNG and VOY episodes.  His only appearance in DS9 was in the aptly named Q-Less (Ep. 1.6).

Quark!  Portrayed by Armin Shimmerman.  Appeared in all of DS9.  It is a tradition in Star Trek for a new series to be launched by a previous regular, and Quark started VOY off.  Voyager left from DS9 to explore the Badlands, so Quark appeared in VOY Caretaker (Ep. 1.1).  Quark also appeared in TNG Firstborn (Ep. 7.21).  Randomly, he also had some deleted scenes in the movie Insurrection that were never saved.

Gul Evek, portrayed by Richard Poe, is the most minor character with this honor.  He was in TNG Journey’s End (Ep. 7.20) and Preemptive Strike (Ep. 7.24);  DS9 Playing God (Ep. 2.17), Maquis Part 1 (Ep. 2.20), and Tribunal (Ep. 2.25); and VOY Caretaker (Ep. 1.1).

Lastly, the secret, uncredited character in this group is Morn, portrayed by Mark Allen Shepard.  He was in lots of DS9 (more than Jake Sisko!), TNG Birthright Part 1 (Ep. 6.16), and VOY Caretaker (Ep. 1.1).  Shepard’s role is utterly uncredited throughout all of the Star Trek series.  Even his titular role on Who Mourns For Morn (Ep. 6.12) was uncredited.  Morn is nearly all Shepard did, as he appeared in exactly 3 roles in his career.  Four if you count the random Bajoran officer he portrays in Who Mourns for Morn (Ep. 6.12).

Random Thought:  1) If I was to expand this to the animated series, I would add Spock, Bones, Scotty, Sulu, and Sarek.


~ by Joshua Black on October 2, 2016.

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