Episode 3.4: Equilibrium

Dax’s journey is one of discovering herself.  She has 7 lifetimes to wade through, and I can’t decide if that makes it ironic, because she should have lifetimes of wisdom, or if it’s apt, because she has lifetimes of experiences to wade through.  My indecision likely comes from how in Season 1, she was more the former, yet has fully transitioned to the latter.  In this episode, Dax discovers, then integrates, an entirely unique and potentially destructive set of memories.

I think the best element is the masked figure in the visions.  Joran is hidden deep within the layers of the Dax symbiont’s memories, and Jadzia must unravel several layers to get to him.  Dax has to face old wounds at the Symbiosis Commission; wounds that now praise her ability to successfully reapply to the program.  There is an interesting contrast between the more “modern” medicine at the Commission and the more “ancient” medicine with the Guardians.  The former is focused on drugs and tests, but knows a lot of details about Dax’s condition.  The latter focuses more holistically, finding the dissonance, but is somewhat vague.  I also liked the secret that was uncovered.  It would have massive impacts on Trill society.

However, with this one, I’m throwing this in the Least Enjoyed bucket.  I felt like “moral” of the episode was forced on us at the end by Dax’s ending line about knowing where to go by knowing where one has been.  Other elements felt off too.  Dax and Bashir talking while in their jammies felt more like a sleepover than a serious conversation.  The scene in the pool where Dax’s only line is, “You’re a part of me.”

The bunk scene between Dax and Bashir moves along their friendship.  Julian is firmly rejected at this point; so far that Jadzia sees him as a safe confidante, not a potential lover.  I liked how Julian leads her to a place where she can trust the other doctors.  By telling his own story of how he simply wants to help people, he shows her the heart many doctors have.  They have an excellent rapport together.  Julian’s strengths as a compassionate man also shine through.

Random Thoughts:  1) O’Brien isn’t present at the dinner.  Story-wise, he’s not an officer.  But I think actor-wise, Colm Meaney was off doing a movie and wasn’t as available the first part of this season.  He’s been absent or had a diminished role quite often.  2) Kira is the only guest to dress down at the dinner.  She’s more comfortable leaving her job aside than the others, I think.  3) I love how Odo stirs by moving the bowl, not the whisk.  Nice touch.  4) Kira is showing more comfort and intimacy with Odo.  She calls him cute, in a plutonic way.  5) It is mentioned (for the 1st time?) that Sisko’s father has a restaurant in New Orleans.  6) As always, I liked the matte painting.  The Trill homeworld seems very wet.  7) Sisko declares himself as Commander of Deep Space Nine, not Commander of the Defiant.  8) Sisko takes a very hardline stance.  He won’t back down and directly threatens the Trill doctor.  He’s not terribly diplomatic, in general.


~ by Joshua Black on November 25, 2016.

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