Episode 3.8: Meridian

I have mixed feelings about this episode.  I quite enjoyed the subplot with Kira, Quark, and Odo.  The storyline was clever, the dialogue between them is witty, and the end was hilarious.  The main story with Dax was rough to me.  The love story felt contrived; was Dax really willing to throw away her entire life for a man she knew for ~12 days?  The romantic scenes were incredibly cheesy; the music during the walk was hard to listen to.  Dax and Deral had no chemistry.  I’m tentatively putting this into the Least Enjoyed Episodes list, pending removal if I come across enough to bring the total up to ~5% (or 9 episodes).

The only interesting bit from the main plot is the implication that consciousness exists outside of physical reality.  Unfortunately though, the episode doesn’t delve into it.  Personally, I find this topic extremely interesting.  If we are nothing more than the sum of our brain chemistries (or just molecules in motion), then the idea of this episode would be utterly absurd.  Yet we can conceive of our consciousness existing outside of our bodies.  That, I think, is enough to legitimately question the molecules in motion concept.  Not to mention all the other capacities of our consciousness that go well beyond molecule motion.  Examples are our agency (the ability to direct the flow of physical reality with a thought), creativity (the ability to conceive of things that are contradictory to physical laws), and ethics (the declaration that some physical result is fundamentally wrong).

As for Quark, Kira, and Odo, there isn’t much to say beyond my enjoyment of the storyline.  Tiron does declare in the beginning that his money can buy anything.  Clearly, his money can’t buy Kira.  Also, Kira’s sudden use of Odo as her lover completely throws Odo for a loop.  He’s constantly struggling with these moments where his love for Kira is thrust into the forefront of his mind.  I think he is really shocked at his own emotions.  All of these shocked moments are building to Heart of Stone (Ep. 3.14) where Odo will really be put to the test.  What is very interesting is that Kira doesn’t mention her actual lover (Bareil) to Tiron; rather she uses Odo.  One might say that Odo was physically there, so could be physically intimidating to Tiron.  But maybe there was some latent romance from Kira to Odo even this early?  I’m not sure.  As I watch, I’m seeking the moment where Kira falls for Odo.  Odo falling for Kira happened, I think, before the series started.  All these moments that he’s shocked aren’t him falling in love; rather, they are him realizing he’s already been in love.

Random Thoughts:  1) The actor for Tiron is Jeffery Combs, who will go on to play both Weyoun and Brunt.  Combs ends up with many different roles across Star Trek series.  Beyond these 3, I counted 3 more substantive roles (not counting novelty appearances like being a cop in Far Beyond the Stars, Ep. 6.13, or the plethora of Weyouns).  2) Odo no longer has the belt.  I read he dropped it because it felt too much like Buck Rogers.  3) A logical conclusion when a shapeshifter tries to eat.  It’s messy!  4) This is the first confirmed harrumph from Odo!  Over Quark’s flimsy lie of making an Ops holosuite program.  5) At one point, Sisko says that Dax thinks things through.  I don’t really see that in the series.  Jadzia Dax always strikes me as impulsive.  Ezri is more thoughtful, but more due to anxiety than to wisdom.


~ by Joshua Black on December 11, 2016.

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