Episode 3.19: Through the Looking Glass

The annual Mirror Universe episode is a lovely bit of fluff and action.  This time, it is Sisko who is pulled across the divide where he is faced with the imminent death of Mirror-Jennifer, the counterpart to his dead wife.  The episode pulls at Sisko’s heartstrings a bit, but overall, I think this episode ranks solidly as a fun episode, but little more than that.  I enjoyed how Sisko rallies strongly to save Mirror-Jennifer; this is a sneaky way for the writers to get his wife in for a few additional episodes.  Sisko’s dedication to her is extremely deep; enough that he is easily swayed by Smiley.  She also is a preamble for the introduction of Cassidy Yates in a few episodes; it is clearly established that Sisko has had 5 years to mourn Jennifer and is moving on.  I liked the ending.  It had some humor and a big of trickery.  The villains of the Mirror Universe are here (and will continue to be) portrayed as brute overlords who are easily duped.

The biggest reason I like the Mirror Universe episodes (contrary to most other DS9 fans) is how the actors can step out of their usual roles and portray a character that is quite a bit different.  Mirror-Kira is fairly well established from Crossover (Ep. 2.23), if tragically one-dimensional; similar with Mirror-Garak.  Mirror-Bashir is aggressive and loud.  Mirror-Dax is less compassionate, though still level headed.  Mirror-Rom is actually devious!  He is able to play the double-agent, though not well enough for him to survive.  That’s two Mirror Universe episodes and two dead Ferengis.  But, in the end, while I had fun with the episode, a bit of action and some characters with new personalities, I find only a host of random thoughts left to comment on.

Random Thoughts:  1) I think I caught the first usage.  Odo “harrumphs” at Quark for the first time!  2) Again, no goatee!  Sort of got a 5-o-clock shadow on Mirror-Bashir though.  3) This episode title was foreshadowed in Crossover (Ep. 2.23); it is mentioned again by Smiley at the start.  4) Mirror-Kira is portrayed as a hyper-sexual nymphomaniac more than a bisexual, in my opinion.  I would not consider her portrayal as representative of the LGBT community.  Much has changed for this cultural topic in the last 20 years.  But Star Trek stayed at the forefront of cultural change, as a confrontation with homophobia and an explicit portrayal of the LGBT community comes with the episode Rejoined (Ep. 4.6).  Rejoined is a much better episode to consider those themes.  5) Sisko absolutely has sexual relations with both Dax and Kira here, both female leads in one episode.  It’s also the first time it’s implied Sisko had sex since his wife’s death, reinforcing he is moving on with his life.  6) Tuvok is a character on Voyager.   As a crossover episode, his involvement was extremely limited.  7) The itchy ear was quite subtle.  8) Sisko’s empathy toward Mirror-Jennifer was enough for her to realize he wasn’t her Sisko.  This realization enables the next Mirror Universe episode, Shattered Mirror (Ep. 4.20), where Mirror-Jennifer crosses over to kidnap Jake.  I’m not sure if they keep this chain up, but both Mirror Universe episodes so far have clearly set up the premise for the following episode.  9) Sisko is called Captain here.  Foreshadows his promotion at the end of this season.  10) Dead:  Mirror-Sisko and Mirror-Rom.  11) Major continuity error here, but Alliance ships are shown decloaking.  The premise of the last Mirror Universe episode, The Emperor’s New Cloak (Ep. 7.12) is that the Alliance doesn’t have this technology.


~ by Joshua Black on March 28, 2017.

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