Episode 4.20: Shattered Mirror

As with all of the Mirror Universe episodes in DS9, this one is all flash and little substance. It’s an action episode with the usual Mirror characters. I am one of the few who enjoyed the Mirror Universe episodes, and that’s mostly because I liked the flashy, tongue-in-cheek episodes where the characters have totally different flavors to them. In this installment, the space battle was high quality; multiple ships engaged together with a last-minute save by Mirror-Bashir and Mirror-Dax. However, this episode is the 3rd of 5 Mirror episodes though and little has happened in this world. The Mirror characters remain one dimensional and there is only a flimsy meta-plot holding them all together (the Terrans on Mirror-Terok Nor fighting the Alliance). In one sense, I clearly like this, but I will say, I’m glad it’s only an annual tradition. The best part of this episode is that we’ve had 3 Mirror episodes, and we’ve now got 3 dead Mirror Ferengi!

There’s a hodgepodge of interesting character points here. Since I didn’t see a coherent theme to this episode, I’m just going to list the bits I saw. Jake is completely vulnerable to Jennifer, and her death was very rough on him and Sisko. It’s like they experienced their mother’s death all over again. Nog is extremely different than his Mirror counterpart. Mirror-Nog has no redeeming qualities, quite unlike Mirror-Quark. Mirror-Bashir and Mirror-Dax are together here, a scenario that would never happen in the Prime universe. Mirror-Worf is fairly uninteresting to me. He’s portrayed just like any other overly aggressive Klingon. All brawn and no honor. The Intendent has become even more hypersexual, instead of narcissistic as Nana Visitor desired.

Random Thoughts: 1) As with previous episodes, the next Mirror episode, Resurrection (Ep. 6.8), is foreshadowed with Kira saying Sisko will pay for his actions. 2) Smiley stole the Defiant plans during the few seconds he was on the other side kidnapping Sisko during Through the Looking Glass (Ep. 3.19). 3) Mirror-Garak provides some modest comic relief. 4) Mirror-Worf’s ship is the same design as the Negh’Var, the Klingon Flagship in the Prime universe. 5) In one universe, Jake is chased off from the Spot by Odo; in another, he’s chased off by Mirror-Nog. 6) Mirror-Nog: Dead.


~ by Joshua Black on December 1, 2017.

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