Least Enjoyed Episodes

This would be the counterpart to the Excellent Episodes page.  I try not to have rose-colored glasses here, and I want to call a spade a spade.  This list contains the episodes I find wholeheartedly bad.  Aiming for ~5%.

  1. Q-Less (Season 1, Episode 1.7)
  2. The Passenger (Season 1, Episode 1.9)
  3. Invasive Procedures (Season 2, Episode 2.4)
  4. Second Sight (Season 2, Episode 2.9)
  5. Equilibrium (Season 3, Episode 3.4)
  6. Meridian (Season 3, Episode 3.8) – Tentative
  7. The Muse (Season 4, Episode 4.21)

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