The Point

In my opinion, Deep Space Nine is the single greatest piece of entertainment media to be produced by the human race. Books, TV, music, theater, movies, anything. In true Star Trek tradition, it addresses the grander social issues we face as a race. But it takes a dark turn away from the usual Next Gen moral-in-a-box style storytelling. Issues from Emissary are progressed throughout the series, yet not fully resolved until What You Leave Behind. I have watched this series a total of 4 times over the last 10 years, with the current project as my 5th. This show was a big deal to me in high school, and those sort of experiences stick with you for a long time. My intent with this writing project is to simply write my thoughts from each episode, addressing everything from light-hearted fun to soul-wrenching moral compromise.

The purpose of this blog is my own creative writing endeavors.  If you find my writings enjoyable, I’m quite thankful you do. But mostly, I write these entries to enhance my own enjoyment of the series. I like to write, and this is an outlet for me to express some creativity. So a few things I should be up front about. I won’t keep a steady schedule. I will try for 3 a week, but could find that untenable once I begin. I will keep up with what comments I can, but make no promises. I decided to do this project as a blog because it would be a new medium for me, and I like the idea of my thoughts being here instead of in papers dusting up my home. I’ve got plenty of those already from other writing projects.


One Response to “The Point”

  1. I crack myself up at time.  3 episodes a week?  Barring my multi-year hiatus, I can hardly keep up with 1 a week.

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